Getting rid of insecurities

Getting rid of insecurities


God has created us in His own image and likeness. We are beautifully and fearfully made. But as we are humans, we cannot help but feel insecure about how we were made. It is normal to feel like this, but we shouldn’t live having this feeling of insecurity forever. We can actually get rid of this insecurity and feel very confident in ourselves and our abilities. Having this will not only affect our personal identity but the way others identify us as well.

Prayer can be a very powerful tool in your life. Have you ever tried praying for confidence in yourself? Maybe you have, but you still feel like you don’t “have it”. Prophetic prayer can give you the answers that you’re looking for. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, the Master Prophet can actually give you a solution to these unanswered prayers. When you get your free written prophecy, you will be able to identify your strengths as an individual. You will also be taught how to pray like a prophet.

Prophetic Prayer is aimed at individuals so that they can fulfill their prophetic purpose. That’s right, you can find out what your purpose is in life just by praying. Prophetic prayer does not ask for God’s will to be done, rather the prophet commands for God’s will to be done.

You can command for confidence and security. You can finally get rid of that chip on your shoulder and take charge of your life, just the way you want to. Get your free written prophecy and learn how to pray like a prophet today.

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5 thoughts on “Getting rid of insecurities

  1. Julie B.

    I wish i could have help to get rid of my demons who
    Are tormenting my Life since i was born. Drug addiction, abortion, depression and rage are part of m’y life. I ALWAYS trust in God, my lord. I trust in angels and talk to others about it. I would like to get rid of those negatives feelings and havé God help me to do his word. I really really need help please pray for me!

  2. Jana

    Please help me pray The spark and joy is gone from my life. I feel no desire to work no faith in my ability to do so and no energy to begin. I have alot of people depending on me I need my Father to intervene I feel broken , burned out and disappointed in people and myself .

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