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June 29, 2018

Be in the Prophetic Prayer List

I really loved the feeling of being prayed for by another person. For aside from you praying for yourself- the things that you are thankful of and of the things that you wanted, as well as of the people that you are praying for, you have somebody who in their prayers, could uplift you and encourage you not to lose hope on whatever you have been asking from the Lord. Having somebody who would pray for you makes you feel more blessed and loved, not to mention the fact that it lightens up the burden that you have inside.

However, in this busy-paced world wherein we have to attend to a very long list of errands- families, friends, and our work, not to mention the time we need to spend pampering ourselves to have even just a little break from our routines, it is quite difficult already to be with the people whom we expect could pray for us, such as our closed friends, church mates, a sibling perhaps or any member of our families and relatives that we could always count on because we already cannot find the time to do so. Spiritually, we missed everything out.

If you are the kind of person who loves to be prayed for but cannot find the time to do so because of so many demands in life that you really have to attend to, making you have no time to reach out others and connect with, talk about your spiritual life and have a spiritual check, pray together, share the things you want for them to pray for you, then you need to have and be in the prophetic prayer list. In here, we offer you a free prayer and pray for your concerns. We also give free prophecy that will help you have a better living, despite your busy schedules and inability to contact and have somebody in person be with you together as you trod on your spiritual journey. To get it on, simply fill in the form you see on the screen and submit once done to get your free prophecy as well as to be in the prophetic prayer list.

35 thoughts on “Be in the Prophetic Prayer List

  1. Prophetess Gloria Wilmer says:

    Thank you Your Grace Amen


    Good time man of God and thanks for the great work, my prayer request is
    God’s mercy to be on me so that i can get a good job, to be able to fend for my people, and also have some to invest and also help a few people in need.

    I have also lived with a health problem for so many years, it has costed me, and caused me discomfort, i love and beg a prayer for God’s healing as i also prayer.

    I would also love to get a prophecy on my general life, future wife, family and Education, thanks alot, God bless you all.



    Good time prophet, and thanks a lot for the word of wisdom and edification, i had traveled upcountry, and it happened that i could not access internet, and that meant that i could not read through the word you send me.
    Its good that today i have gone through the word and i have been inspired, thanks a lot, i have now concluded my University, and am up and down looking for job adverts on the streets of all towns in Uganda.

    My prayer request to you my personal prophet is to pray such that God can open up doors for me to get a good job, either in Uganda or anywhere in the world, so that i can be in position to help my people, meet my obligations of tithing and sowing a seed, and above all have some to even invest and also help the needy.

    I have also lived with a health problem for so many years, it has costed me, and caused me discomfort, i love and beg a prayer for God’s healing as i also prayer.

    I would also love to get a prophecy on my general life, future wife, family and Further Education, thanks a lot, God bless you all.


  4. sandra vanwyk says:

    i need deliverance & breakthrough in my relationship with my boyfriend,and also in my finances

  5. ofure odighibor says:

    please join me to pray for my husband.God should have mercy on him and restore his finaces.let Gods protection be upon my family.

  6. evidence mushonga says:

    man of god i need your help in the hardships that im facing, there is a continuation of financial problems in my life, my life is full of hardships may you help me to get breaktrough

  7. Kindly I need a prophetic message concerning my future

  8. I would like also to be derivered from demons

  9. admin says:

    I need your submit your information on the website or go to FreeProphecy.org for a Prophetic word.

  10. admin says:

    Please go to the website freeprophey.org or fill out the information on the web form. You will receive it.

  11. admin says:

    You are delivered. Start paying attention to the good things of Jesus Christ, know that God is always going to work it out on your behalf.

  12. admin says:

    Start seeing all financial breakthrough coming your way.

  13. Prophetess Margaret Grant says:

    God Bless you man of GOD – What a honor to have found this site! I for one know the power of prayer for I would not have made it through some tragic situations without having a prophet in my life. I remember Master Prophet saying five words to me and they were “I wait for your testimony.”
    I never asked what will happen – do you know what will happen – when it will happen? All I did was believe and trust!!!

    Let me share a piece of my story from almost losing my sister who was in a coma with many surgeries and brain damage. The doctors thought she would never come out but my faith, the bishop oils, and the conference lines allowed me to know different and I refuse to accept the doctors report. Can I tell you against all odds my sister came out of the coma – walked out of that hospital – doing well still with some memory loss and totally in a different consciousness. I lost the sister I grew up with but I am so thankful for sister I got!

    A month after my sister came out of the coma her family had to be confronted with a loss of a son a month later. My precious nephew, my best friend and a prophet in his own right. Along with that lost came a total of over 5 plus family one after another in the same year just months a part.

    I had a sick parent that was near a stroke pressure up to 198. My life task was to forget my grief and help support all those around me that needed it so.

    I remember my niece saying why our family is going through all of these losses and I said every home will be hit with a tragic situation it’s just knocking at our door now! I had adversaries with hits from the left and the right but I always remember the teaching of Bishop Jordan and how GOD moved the situation.

    It was the lost of my nephew my closest friend that I vow to live my life daily. To live in the NOW- do something that I want for me since I am always doing for everyone else and to make the day matter. So I began putting together my soon to be empire – which as a single mom means a great deal to me that I can leave a legacy for my family. I am sharing some of my story because I want to always remember how valuable the moments are in all our lives and that be connected to #BishopJordan and #Zoe Ministries have been a blessing in my life. For during all my tragedies the strength that I had developed during the years being connected to the prophets allowed me the strength to walk on with my head held high knowing that a brighter day will come if I never let go of my faith no matter how painful situation was and will be!

    Honorable Master Prophet I request to be on the prophetic prayer list to continue being a vessel of the LORD being used as GOD see fit in my life. To open up my aura of blessings rebuilding up my financial ream and my business ream so that I can help continue to globalize the prophetic and help those in a struggle worldwide. I look forward to being a blessing for others who truly cannot understand how to be one for themselves. I am sending thanks for the blessing upon my family, my children, my children children, siblings, nieces and nephews. I lift my sister up in thanks at this time in prophetic prayer request that her memory will continue to come forth and the pain within her home will be released and built in healing. I release and give thanks for prayer soon to be healing and wellness in parent with situations removed from their life and they will be up and about again enjoying life with peace.

    Thank you Master Prophet for adding me to the prophetic prayer list!!!

    Amen and Blessings always

  14. Caroline says:

    Glad to have come across this site on face book. I truly need my prophetic message going forwards because I have been through a lot and would want a lot of wisdom going forwards. Have been married 12 years now with 2 kids but my husband has never settled. He has a spirit of movement and will go partying and drinking everyday with women or his peers and sometimes fails to come home a whole weekend. Feel like we are stagnant because due to his absence and constant anger from my end we can’t have fruitful talk to plan anything. So down 12 years we have no form of family investment; house; etc Still paying rent which he is not consistent. I have prayed for many years but my faith seems to be dwindling. Is it Godly to separate for a while…..he has cheated on me severally and so there is no intimacy in my home.What a life…help!

  15. meda says:

    Man of God pray for me so that grace for employment may locate me

  16. sherz says:

    man of God pray for me i want a visa so i am scheduled for an interview on Thursday

  17. sherz says:

    Man of God pray for me i really need Grace for employement

  18. Linda says:

    pray for me that i am totally healed in my body constant pain in body doctors cannot find anything wrong.

  19. admin says:

    We will keep you in Prayer, just know God is the healer of all.

  20. admin says:

    Yes, you will receive the right employment. Know that all is well. You are more than employee. God called you be a great thinker. Start thinking out the box. God Bless and stay connected.

  21. admin says:

    You need to keep your faith, you need to strength your prayer life. There is no reason to be angry. You are a strong women of God, this is your time that you need to rededicate your commitment to the Lord. I want you to request a fee prophecy God will work all out in God timing. Do not get caught up in your time, but know that God work in his timing always. God bless

  22. jacqueline moblwy says:

    Prayer is truly needed for my family. Pray for us to continue to follow GOD plan no matter what our circumstances may be. We have fall and wish to get up and get back where we belong… in GODs presence. HELP PRAYER IS NEEDED….!!!!

  23. Cheryl says:

    Please pray for complete restoration in my life, to be debt free, financial overflow, supernatural favor and breakthroughs, that my purpose and what God wants me to do for Him is revealed to me. I am asking for salvation of in-law family members, and for the companion God has for me. I want to know the ministry God wants me to do and to press forward in helping to build His kingdom. I operate in the faith that it is already done and I receive all that God has for me… in Jesus’s name, Amen.

  24. Cheryl says:

    Paying for complete healing of scoliosis and curvature of my spine, ththe crooked curves of my spine are straightened and aligned correctly in my body.

  25. ann says:

    I pray total healing in my body, thyroid, swelling of eyelids and double vision. All TMAU odor and digestive, auto immune disorders healed. Home out of foreclosure, receive unemployment benefits, need direction for job and dont want to offend anyone anymore with the infirmity and odor in body and breath. True love in my life as God heals me and makes me completely whole. Bless me and T’s relationship. Guide us in holy matrimony if it is Your will Lord. Bless our finances and bring us closer. Baptist us in the Blood of Jesus and the Holy Ghost. Bless my children and his child. Bless my whole family and heal all sickness and disease. Give us favor and unity. Bless my grandchild. Restore all that was stolen from me and T by the enemy 7 times. Make us millionares to be a blessing to your kingdom Lord in Jesus Mighty name. I pray to be married and be loved, honored and respected in Jesus mighty name amen.

  26. Missy says:

    Please pray for my husband and my finances! We have 4 children, and only 1 is his but he takes care of all of them as his own. Their bio-dad is not in the picture and hasn’t been for about 6 yrs. We try our best but seem to always fall behind somewhere with our money. We both have with have been drinking alot here lately and I pray we stop and give both of our lives to God and pray we don’t fall away from him again. Please keep my family and finances in your prayers. Thank you.

  27. Kim says:

    Pray for good health nd prosperity for me, my daughter nd brother.

  28. Nikki says:

    Please pray for my finances and for deliverence for my son and myself from an abusive person.

  29. I would like prayer for tisha and dominic for healing and love in their friendship and relationship and forgiveness. And for open doors for financial increase to save travel and to go back to college and have joy.

  30. Aisha says:

    I need my life to completely turn around. I feel trapped in a cage and cannot move forward. I’m in my 30’s and lost my pride, dignity, job, home, have health issues, fighting hard spiritually. I should be further in life than I am with my career. I have three little ones to feed with father nowhere in the picture. I look at all my friends and they are doing wonderful things career wise. My life has been a downward spiral of disappointments. I answered my call to ministry, but that’s going nowhere to. I desire to be married obtaining all the blessings God has for me. I’m faithful to God, dedicate my time, tithe, sow seed offerings, and have a intimate relationship. Do not know what’s going wrong.

  31. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan says:

    God Bless You, Tisha Winkler… I will keep you in prayer. I also pray for the Father’s direction in your life, that you will pursue your dreams and that you will let nothing stop you. Greatness is in you and God is ready to manifest within you. Open door are already set for you, in Jesus’ Name!

  32. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan says:

    God Bless You, Magala Anthony… “And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee.” You are healed, in Jesus’ Name. Congratulations on finishing University. I pray God’s abundance over your life and your family. I pray that God will connect you to the right people and that you will prosper in whatever you put your hands to. Go to the my website, http://www.freeprophecy.org and sign up for your prophetic word, if you have not done so already. I look forward to speaking the word of the Lord to you. Peace…

  33. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan says:

    God Bless You Evidence Mushonga… I want you to mediate on Genesis 1:26, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” God has given you dominion over everything. Everything the Father has is yours. You just have to put your creative mind to work so that you can create as God created. I pray that as you mediate on this scripture God will begin to open your mind about who you really are. You shall see that you are the head, not the tail. Continued blessings and prosperity will flow to you as you understand this truth.

  34. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan says:

    God Bless You, Ofure Odighibor, I pray for financial restoration in your family right now. I want you to repeat these words every day for 30 days, “God in me is my supply. Therefore, my supply is greater than my need.” You shall have whatsoever you say. It is according to your faith. May God’s protection rest upon you and your family, in Jesus’ Name!

  35. Admin says:

    I want to help you find God’s will for this season. For a personal prophecy specifically for you, please go to http://freewrittenprophecy.com/get-prophecy/

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