Let Loose the Power of Prophetic Prayer in Your Life

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Let Loose the Power of Prophetic Prayer in Your Life

When talking about prophecy sometimes it merely receives a raised eyebrow and never really taken seriously by most people. More so, if prophetic prayer is introduced they are viewed by modern people as odd and unrealistic. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is one of the prophets of this generation who has made a lot of difference in millions of lives wherever he sets foot.

Prophetic prayer may be new to you and you may think it has nothing to do with your life because you are not religious person. The truth here is that you do not have to be religious to receive prophetic messages from spiritual people. Another truth is that you are missing a lot in your life because you do not know what God has in store for you. Unless you are willing to open your mind to receive prophetic messages from prophets like Bishop E. Bernard Jordan you will live a life of confusion.

Prophetic prayer should not send goose bumps to your skin or cause you to fear because prophecies are messages from God sent through prophets. They will not tell you if you are going to get married this year or when will you get the job you look for. Prophetic prayer is a special message impressed in the heart of a prophetic intercessor. It is simply passed on to you, so you can act upon it.
There are things you need to understand about prophetic prayer or prophetic intercession. One is that it cannot be forced upon a prophet. You cannot approach and ask “Can you please tell me what God’s message is for me?” A prophet usually flows by the Holy Spirit and only utters messages once they are impressed in his heart.

Another important thing to remember is that prophetic messages are not automatic that can happen instantly. Some people may dismiss it until a time comes that the prophetic messages make sense. It may take months or years, so you need to have the patience to wait for it to come to pass.

Also, learn the habit of praying to receive the spiritual gifts and the anointing power from God. This will open doors of opportunity for you to let loose the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

“Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:1)

You should know that you too can have the gift of prophetic prayer to bless others. You just have to wait upon the Lord and seek His will. Just like in patiently waiting for the prophetic message from someone, you should also be patient in receiving the gift of prophetic intercession.

Prophetic messages come from the Holy Spirit, but since this is a spirit everyone should be very careful to examine the spirit that is giving you a message. You should be aware that the enemy can mimic messages to make you believe that they are from God. The best thing you can do once you receive a prophetic message is to keep it in your heart pray about it, seek God’s confirmation in His Word and wait for God’s perfect timing for its fulfillment.

Take it from Mary, Jesus’ mother “But His mother treasured all these things in her heart.” (Luke 2:51) The message came to Mary that she was to bear a child even before she was married. An ordinary woman may go crazy after hearing this, but not Mary. She patiently treasured the prophetic message in her heart and said yes to it. Because of her obedience, the prophecy was fulfilled, and the salvation of mankind made possible.

Prophetic prayer has tremendous power and anyone who finds it will have the journey of a lifetime. Experiencing power in Christ means listening intently to His Word and putting them into action. Acting on prophetic messages means accurately operating according to God’s plan and timing.

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