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Prosperity is a successful, flourishing or thriving condition especially the infinancial respect; good fortune. In God Words we trust the great doctrine of the Bible, it should follow that we also trust His Words when it comes to our finances , according to the Bible, God’s wants every believers to prosper. The Christian have placed their Faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ, that there is no true prosperity apart from God. That every category of prosperity whether it is spiritual, temporal, historical, and even dying prosperity has God as its true source. He wants every believer to prosper according to His principles guidelines as taught in the Bible.

According to Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan new released book stated that the principles outlining the laws that is govern true prosperity and wealth. The universal principles and laws one must follow in order to manifest true and lasting is in earth realm and to established the flow of a never-ending stream of Devine wealth. We must be expert in financial thinking. And we must forget about financial planning. The Law Of Prosperity will teach us how build our personal micro-economy based on the infinite power of Mind. As always stated by Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan that we must obey God’s will in to have true prosperity and wealth.

According in the book Of (Mal,.3:8-10) stated that many people are incapacitated by their own poverty and this is often caused by their disobedience to the Word. This disobedience are manifested in many ways: one of them is stealing from god. This passage clearly tells us that those who retain their tithes and offerings are stealing from God. Consequence, they are also deprive themselves of the blessings that God’s want to grant them. When one ceases tithing he is violating the Law, and if he violates the, then it can’t work in our favour. Nothing will make a wise believer stop offering and tithing, he or she should never tithe or offer with the objective of obtaining something. Rather than, the action of giving proceeds from the obedience and God always rewards obedience.

There are many people who wish to receive without giving anything, especially when dealing with the things of God. They know that reciprocation is the fundamental in the system of the world. Nevertheless, always expect God to send them something when they haven’t invested in the kingdom of God. The word for ‘life’ used in this passage is ‘zoe’, which refers to divine life. God wants you firstly to have an abundance of divine life. That’s one reason why He so much desires that you be “full of the Holy Spirit” (1), “praying always” (2), with “the Word of Christ dwelling richly in you” (3). He just wants you to enjoy Him. Not only that, He wants all people everywhere to enjoy Him. That’s His will, and He has a plan to accomplish that will and purpose. One of the keys to prosperity is to link up your will, your desires, and your plans with God’s! But for now, remember, that the level of God’s provision in divine life is abundant.

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