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About Us

Prayer is a very important component in every man’s spiritual walk. As we walk our faith and follow the path that the Lord has prepared for us, our prayer is the only weapon that we have, giving us courage to go on and the hope that whatever comes on our way in the journey, we always have something better to look up to. Prayer gives us the assurance that when there is no one that we could lean on, we always have Somebody to talk to, and lift up our concerns; Someone who would always listen to us.

The way people pray varies from one another, not just because of the differences that we have in our denominations and on the God whom we believed in, but also because we have different needs to address to our God, and oftentimes, we don’t know how to express them fully.

Too many writing in the Bible teaches us ways on how to pray, having Jesus Christ’s prayer as the best prayer to observe. But of today’s time, people often got so busy and tired with their daily activities that their prayers have tend to be in “shortcuts”, and quite a cliché, that some even the younger ones have their “Amen” already when they wake up in the morning.

With this spiritual crisis nowadays, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan offers a solution to all who are experiencing this dilemma in their prayer life, and that is through the Prophetic Prayer List. In Prophetic Prayer List, the Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan will help you discover your prophetic gift, and unfold the prayers you have in your heart. Moreover, aside from teaching you ways to pray like a prophet, you will also be given a personal prophecy which will surely give you a clear direction that leads to your success. Just simply fill out the form you see and click “Submit” once done.

Being in the Prophetic Prayer List will surely give you ways to improve yourself and live a Christ-like life. Be surprised of what it will bring in your life. Remember, the Lord gives more than we could ask and ever imagine (Ephesians 3:20) especially if it is the desire of our hearts.


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