How Can Prayer Help in Today’s Society

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How Can Prayer Help in Today’s Society

We believe that we have a God who creates the entire thing in the World including the sun and heavenly bodies, that’s why we use to praise him for all the blessings that we got and we will get in the future. Prophetic Prayer is the most effective way to communicate with God. It is the simplest way to talk to him and to ask for forgiveness and to seek for an answer for particular unsolved problems. There are many reasons why people have to do praying aside from being a tradition and a responsibility as a religious member. A social issue is the main reason that pushes people to do badly and later on to pray to ask for forgiveness.

Now a day, there are many social problems like crimes, poverty, pollutions, natural disasters and even different types of diseases that we encountered in our daily lives. To some of those we could not found any answer to solve it. The only way that we could do is pray for those problems by going within. Prophetic Prayer performs an important role in helping in today’s society, through prophetic prayer we could lessen the pain that we have felt. Prophetic Prayer could give as a positive outlook in life which can help us to think and to do things better in our family and as well as to our society. Prayers also give us strength to face all the trials that we may have.

Today’s society are full of sins and problems some of them are cannot be solve by money or even technology, like a severe cancer, the only solution or cure that we could get is prayer. Prayer gives hope for everyone, it also gives positive outlook in life which can make us to solve any problem that we could have in our family and as well as in our society. There is a saying “there is no impossible with praying” if it’s came within your heart and your purpose is to help others then it will be answer by God.

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