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First we must define what is prosperity is? It is the state of being prosperous, advance or gain in anything good or desirable, successful progress in any business or enterprise, it is an attainment of the object desired, good fortune, success, as commercial prosperity, national prosperity.

Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan are also facing several controversies in the past years if his ministry of life. Especially true since he become passionate in teaching people about prosperity, it is very uncommon of preacher much so from a master prophet. It makes a lot of difference if people are aware about the principles and the spiritual truths that Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan operates. That makes a significant that to study this teaching is the fact that the most people even Christians does not exclude are enslaved by money problems. He led to study about the laws of thinking in his search for the bible context of success, prosperity and money

The Master Prophet E Bernard Jordan this miracle of money. Though because there are steps to be followed and only those who are ready to receive it. It is a difficult process that requires a Christian to be spiritually ready and have a Christ-like character in order to receive the gift of abundance and prosperity. The money itself is not evil according to master prophet. What does it makes it evils. The money is to be the slave and all Christian are the masters. Money is intended to Jesus followers and blesses His church. God wants His people to enjoy the riches of heaven here on earth, ultimately money are being used to preach the gospel to the poor in the expansion of His kingdom until His second coming.

The instructions of God to Peter were only among the many instruction it is because the Master Prophet believes that the Bible contains all the necessary teachings about money. All Christian must follow these specific instruction in the bible, so that they live a life abundance and prosperity, God’s mission statements is to preach the gospel to the poor, as they give the gift of salvation, to open the doors of heaven and provide all the riches there in.

It is understandable because the religion that has always taught people to embrace poverty in an inappropriate context. It has begun 30years ago when Zoë Ministries began preaching about success, prosperity and money. Some religious people were astounded with Master Prophet Teachings it is because they found it very vulgar and straight forward. It is basically due to the belief that money is evil.

The Bible is full of examples of true prosperity. It is demonstrate very dramatically the result of faith and obedience. Sad to say the modern Christian world look upon the obedience as a form of doubt, though the obedient believer is trying to earn his her salvation and entry to the Kingdom of heaven. Faith in Jesus is the very first and last requirement for the entry into the kingdom of God. But that faith must be living faith and living faith to be recognized as a real and must exhibit itself in obedience

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