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Prayer Request

It’s is time to submit your prayer request.

Submitting your prayer request is like; having short but frequent conversation with God can actually enhance your personal relationship with Him. Whenever you achieve something like a promotion, why not give thanks and say, Thank you Lord, for this accomplishment!” Telling God using these short statements will appear to be quicker than sending a text message to a friend. The advantage is: You do not have to exert much effort in having frequent conversations with God.

What happens when you submit Your Prayer Request?

There are several instances where you can pray. For example, instead of impatiently waiting for your turn to order for your coffee, why not pray? You can also pray for the person in front of you.

Even if you do not personally know him, it does not make less of you if you are going to pray for him and his family. You can also pray while you are stuck in traffic. You can pray while you are riding an elevator. There are number of possible ways wherein you could perhaps talk to God.

No matter how busy you are, you can still find time to pray. Do not consider your demanding schedule an excuse for not praying. You must know how to manage your time appropriately without neglecting your spiritual obligations with God. God always makes time for you. Don’t you think that He will appreciate it the most of we also make time for Him?

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Prayer Request