Your Accusers Won’t Have The Final Word In Your Life

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October 25, 2019

Your Accusers Won’t Have The Final Word In Your Life

Do you ever feel like your accusers get to laugh at your struggle to keep what the Lord has given you? 


Do not worry. A change is on the way. In the following scripture, it reads,


“For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.” (Deut. 20:4)


The Lord has shown that you’ve endured so much just over the past 90 days! Without going too deep, you’ve even dealt with loss, and at times, unexpected events have placed financial stress upon you, and your accusers have attacked you with the ruthlessness of their words as they seek to constantly pull more and more away from you and out of you! 


God says, YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE SAVED because the Lord is showing that He is going to fight for you against your accusers, just like He did in John chapter 8, for the adulteress!


Her accusers wanted the final word to be her death, but Jesus took his finger and wrote a greater future in the sand for her, which was new life! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! 


No matter what your enemies say or do, God’s plan for your life will always overpower their actions and words! The truth is God is making room for you in the presence of your enemies!


Sometimes God will simply run a protective shield around you where nothing will be able to get through to attack you. Other times, something will start to slip through to come directly against you, and then God will move ahead of you to take it out. This is where God will literally take your enemy head-on and do battle with it.


There are times when God will fight the actual battle through you, while other times He will simply tell you to hold your position and do absolutely nothing, and then He will move Himself to completely take out the attack coming against you. This is where God shows you how powerful and how awesome He really is when He moves into battle to personally protect you.


The Lord says that He is going to BLESS you in the presence of your accusers and you shall witness their words fall to the ground! 

  • Every financial plot of poverty SHALL FALL TO THE GROUND!
  • Any emotional abuse SHALL FALL TO THE GROUND!
  • Being unjustly overlooked SHALL FALL TO THE GROUND!



The Lord says, “The words of your accusers shall fall flat to the ground and My BLESSING shall be the final word upon your life because of your faithfulness unto My word!”

The Lord also says, “I AM releasing you from every conscious and unconscious covenant with the spirits of poverty, failure, and low self-esteem! I AM re-shaping you in the presence of your accusers!”

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