Be Authentic with Your Imperfections

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June 29, 2018

Be Authentic with Your Imperfections

We are humans, we have strengths and weaknesses. We are different from each other and we can never say that we are strong all the time. No matter how intelligent a person is, there will always come a point in their lives where they are going to experience problems and their weaknesses are going to surface. We have to admit that we are not perfect. We do not need to pretend that we are perfect.

We must never be afraid to show others our weaknesses. Most of the time, when a person feels that they need to be perfect all the time, they never accept their weaknesses. It is one of the reasons why they pretend to be perfect. We must learn to accept our weaknesses. It is a part of who we are. Once we learn to accept it, we are never afraid to show others our imperfections. Let us be authentic by accepting our imperfections.

We must secure our identity in Christ because our identity in Him will make us secure of who we are. We do not need to try and be perfect because we know that God loves us despite our imperfections. When we are secure on His presence, we do not spend our lives wanting to please others but we are focused on pleasing God alone.

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