The Blessings Will Not Make Sense to You

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December 30, 2019

The Blessings Will Not Make Sense to You

It will not make sense, yet it will make dollars. These past few months hasn’t generally sounded good to you, right? Here is the thing that I hear the Lord saying. You should totally relinquish what could have been, the manner by which you ought to have acted and what you wish you would have done any other way, and you should acknowledge the way that you can’t change your past encounters, the feelings others once had of you, or the prompt results from their decisions or yours. 


Things aren’t continually going to sound good to you when you leave them in God’s grasp. The test for you is just to confide in His promise and do what has been told of you. That is the point at which the outcomes start to appear. They won’t sound good to you either! This is the reason we call them supernatural occurrences! Glory be! 


The Lord says this isn’t a season to endeavor to bode well out of all that you experience. This is a season for you to confide in His guidelines over everything else, in light of the fact that 2020 will be where nothing bodes well, yet a lot of it makes dollars! 


The Lord says you must sustain your seeds by giving them the correct soil, water, and sun, so they can satisfy their maximum capacity. Whatever you sow into this season will be rewarding! Things won’t generally sound good to you as you apply the activity, yet God will wrap up! As you make one stride towards Him, He will make two strides towards you! Much obliged to You, Jesus! 


The Bible says, “And we realize that everything cooperates for good to them that adoration God, to them who are the called by his motivation.” (Romans 8:28) Today, I have a powerful expression of prediction that I solicit that you get to promptly in light of the fact that from the prophetic planning of what God is going to do. It won’t sound good to you. You’re going to step into something a lot more noteworthy than where you are present! I challenge you to BELIEVE the PROPHET and PROSPER! God said… 


Five measly portions of bread and just two fish couldn’t sound good to the devotees the minute they saw the ravenous huge number. Be that as it may, it showed through Divine increase since it was all that anyone could need to sustain the 5,000 who were in participation! (Matthew 14) 


God will provide if you submit and surrender!

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