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July 18, 2019

Be Mindful of the Words You Internalized To Yourself

During the first 18 months of your life, you spent much of the time asleep or at deep levels of mind and brainwave activity. During those times, you internalized the atmosphere, even though your brain didn’t intellectually understand what was being said. However, the “feeling” behind the words spoken by those around you entered your […]

  • 7 Ways Prophetic Prayer Avoid Drama In Your Life

    Can you imagine being around people who want to complain every second of every minute and every minute of every hour? Are you one of those people? Shouldn’t you know how to live a satisfying life...

    18 January, 2018
  • The Benefits of Sacrifice during Lent

    You may be familiar with the practice of giving up something for Lent. To some this might seem like an odd thing to do especially when many of the things people choose to give up seem insignificant...

    18 January, 2018
  • Taking Chances

    As we look at what is taking chances? We can refer to the book in the Bible of Ruth. We see how Ruth follow and embrace a greater destiny. Boaz answered her, “I’ve heard all about you—hear...

    18 January, 2018
  • Rest Benefits You as a Christian

    Observing the Sabbath by keeping it holy is the fourth commandment of God. The emphasis on rest and its importance to the lives of every Christian; and here you will understand what rest really me...

    18 January, 2018
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