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July 18, 2019

Be Mindful of the Words You Internalized To Yourself

During the first 18 months of your life, you spent much of the time asleep or at deep levels of mind and brainwave activity. During those times, you internalized the atmosphere, even though your brain didn’t intellectually understand what was being said. However, the “feeling” behind the words spoken by those around you entered your […]

  • Right Intention and Wrong Action

    We can be like Jael sometimes. We can have the right intention in our lives and for others but we end up doing it in a wrong way. A right intention with wrong action is wrong. No matter how much we...

    29 June, 2018
  • Misplaced Trust

    When Sisera escaped during the battle, he looked for safe haven. Sisera went to Jael’s tent, the wife of Heber. She invited him to come in and for him to rest. Jael covered him with a quilt and g...

    29 June, 2018
  • The Importance of Prayer

    Prayer is a practice that most Christians do. It is often done before eating and before going to bed. But there is something more deep about prayer. Prayer is a connection that you make with God. I...

    29 June, 2018
  • Prophetic Prayer Relationship With God

    Prophetic Prayer is your line of Communication with God Within the Proverbs in the Scriptures, it could be inferred that when one enters into a relationship with God, wisdom could be attained or...

    29 June, 2018
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