Did You Know You’re A Candidate For A Miracle Today?

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October 03, 2019

Did You Know You’re A Candidate For A Miracle Today?

You’ve got to move swiftly under this anointing because this is your NET–BREAKING SEASON! A miracle will happen the moment the Lord says these powerful words, there will be a supernatural release in your finances! It was almost like your money became completely free from the influences, control, and domination of household wickedness! 


God is about to let the joy of the enemy over your financial life be converted to sorrow, in the name of Jesus! Someone who has been attempting to control your financial livelihood has just been exposed, in the mighty name of Jesus! Give God praise wherever you are right now! Hallelujah!


Lift your hands wherever you are right now! Because it means that the Lord is about to allow His Spirit of favor to be upon you everywhere you go, concerning your finances! It means that God is sending ministering angels to bring you into prosperity! It means every good thing presently eluding your finances is about to flow back into your account!





Trust the Lord at His word at all times!



Leave your net and cast the one that God tells you to!



Toss everything negative overboard!



Make your (faith) move!



Cast your net on the RIGHT side!


There are GOOD news and BAD news! The GOOD news is the Lord has already made it clear that you’re a candidate for a miracle! The BAD news is the enemy is going to attempt to stop you from responding NOW! RIGHT NOW!  The enemy simply doesn’t want you to win!


See, there are devastating sharks in your ocean of possibility and they are looking to devour every opportunity that is swimming in the ocean! These sharks are essentially those horrid circumstances and situations that restrain you from casting your net of faith out into the ocean of possibility!


If you allow the sharks of life to keep you from casting your net, you’ll never make the BIG catch in life! In other words, you’ll never experience a NET-BREAKING MIRACLE!


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