Different Prayers in a Christian’s Life

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November 15, 2017

Different Prayers in a Christian’s Life

Prayers have different levels and uses. Most of us use prayer as a means to ask for help from God. Some use it everyday as a form of communication to thank God for the little blessings they get. And there are some who use it to reveal the God’s plans for other people’s lives. This is called a prophetic prayer.

Prophetic prayers believe they do not just predict what will happen; they believe they actually create the thing predicted! Prophetic prayer is believed to actually bring into existence its own answer. But the Bible declares that God alone decides when, where, and how He will act. We are to pray for Him to act according to His perfect will and timing, not according to our own.

Prophetic prayers reveal truths that only God can tell you. These prayers are God’s messages to you, telling you of His plans for your life. If you would like to receive a prophetic prayer, speak to a prophet today and learn how you can also get your prophetic reading. Let the prophet reveal God’s plan and design for your life.

4 thoughts on “Different Prayers in a Christian’s Life

  1. Jeniva says:

    Dear prophecy,
    I am asking that you pray for me and my family today. Thank u

  2. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan says:

    God Bless You, Jeniva:
    I am lifting up your family in prayer. God’s hand of restoration and favor is upon your family and upon your life personally. I want you to call my office at 888-831-0434 and order my book, Sacred Stones: God’s Principles for Building a Loving, Secure and Prosperous Family. The principles in this book if you read them and follow them will heal your family, draw you closer to God and reveal to you how to unlock the prosperity within your family. I look forward to hearing from you… In the meantime, remain blessed!

  3. tchapo emar says:

    dear prophecy ,
    i please you to say a prayer for me , i am seak and since that i am looking for treatment ….

  4. Bishop Bernard Jordan says:

    I want to help you find God’s will for this season. For a personal prophecy specifically for you, please go to http://freewrittenprophecy.com/get-prophecy/

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