You Are Entering A Year Of Divine Promotion In 2020

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December 12, 2019

You Are Entering A Year Of Divine Promotion In 2020

The Lord says, 2020 will be the ultimate year of divine promotion when you heed his word! Get ready because the enemy will create commotion just before your promotion!  


You will notice that several people in your life are working hard to intrude on your business. It feels so frustrating and aggravating sometimes! I know,  these people are trying their best to cause confusion and resentment but God is telling you to keep your focus and listen to the holy spirit as you are about to get promoted before as you enter the new year! 


 2019 HAS BEEN A “DANIEL” YEAR FOR YOU! Though he grew up a slave in Babylon, Daniel was eventually promoted to a position of authority under the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, yet it didn’t come without commotion! There were men who were jealous of Daniel’s influence and position and they set a plan in motion to have Daniel arrested.


2019 has been a “Daniel” year for you because you’ve been into certain circumstances in some way you did not want to. In Spite of all that, I see victory for you because even in the midst of all the commotion, a Divine promotion is being set up for you! You must hear your word of prophecy before 2020 arrives, to discover more!


The truth is you’re going to want to know what the commotion is all about! You’re going to want to know how to address it and you’re also going to want to know when to expect it!

Most importantly, you’re going to need to know when you’re stepping into Divine promotion! Hallelujah!


Lift up your hands wherever you are right now because while I was rejoicing in the Lord and the Lord immediately began to release this prophetic message for you…



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