Don’t Blame Money For Your Life Or Else You Lame Money In Your Life!

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August 29, 2019

Don’t Blame Money For Your Life Or Else You Lame Money In Your Life!

The Bible says in Philippians 2:14 to do all things without murmurings and disputes. It’s no secret that people complain about the lack of money! In fact, there are those who blame money for their current set of living circumstances. For instance, have you ever heard people say the following:

  • “If I had more money, I wouldn’t have all this debt!”
  • “That is way too expensive for my pockets!”
  • “It’s not my fault I’m not making enough money!”

When you don’t have enough money, life can get stressful. You begin to worry about how to pay bills, and you long after things you desire, etc. However, the abundant mind doesn’t complain about it.


See, there’s a difference between being stressed and or worrying about what you should do and complaining. Complaining implies you aren’t doing anything about it or you aren’t capable of doing anything about it. In fact, complaining is just saying that something is awful or wrong. There isn’t any productive action connected to it. 


When you complain about money or blame money for your problems, it will only lead you to repel it! It also begins to deter the visual display of the truth that God is an ever-present help in your time of trouble, in your life.


During this exciting “LAW of ABUNDANCE” season, the Lord says you must welcome the concept of money with open arms in order to position yourself for abundance! A negative mindset about money doesn’t help anyone.


You can do a lot more good by creating your money blueprint to align with your values and use the money you earn to produce greater changes throughout the world. Hallelujah!


Blaming money for your past, present and even future problems will only cause money to become intangible in your experience of life because blame will only create more blame. 


The resounding truth you must walk in during this LAW of ABUNDANCE season is that abundance creates more abundance! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! That’s because THE MOMENT YOU BLAME MONEY FOR YOUR LIFE IS THE MOMENT YOU LAME MONEY IN YOUR LIFE!


Will you STOP blaming money?


The Lord says, “BLAME NOT, COMPLAIN NOT” because there are a set of ABUNDANT TREASURE QUESTIONS you must begin to ask yourself whenever you feel a money complaint coming on. 


These powerful ABUNDANT TREASURE QUESTIONS will cause you to realign your money blueprint with your values so you can produce radical results to produce an abundant treasure from within! Are you ready to discover these powerful questions? 


Here they are…

  1. What am I doing about it? (Your money problem)
  2. How much television do I watch? (Manage your time)
  3. Do I plan my future regularly? (Map your destiny)
  4. Am I associating with people who induce or repel my abundance?
  5. What am I giving the world? (Your contribution to humanity)

The Lord says “BLAME NOT, COMPLAIN NOT” because He has given you all the mental equipment necessary to create abundant life. You were born to win, to conquer and to rise above all obstacles, in the mighty name of Jesus! This is the season where God is calling you forth to demonstrate His glory within you!


The Lord says, “BLAME NOT, COMPLAIN NOT” because you aren’t here to earn a mere living! The Lord says that you are here to express life and to give of your hidden talents and abilities through your mind, body, and soul. 


Your desire for health, abundance, happiness, peace, and purpose in life represents the urges, promptings, and imitations of the Infinite (God) seeking Divine expression through you!


Say 7 times now:




God says never make a negative statement about money, such as “I can’t pay my rent” or “I can’t make ends meet” because it will repel money from entering into your experience! 


The Lord says instead, speak to the creative power that is hidden within you because it is confirmed by His word in Deuteronomy 8:18! 


Next, answer and apply the ABUNDANT TREASURE questions effectively and you will be amazed!

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