Don’t Settle… Just Pull the Plug!

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Don't let the enemy get in your head
December 29, 2018

Don’t Settle… Just Pull the Plug!

Our past has no business telling our futures what the outcome is going to be. We have a right to dream, and we have a right to go after those dreams. Far too often, people and/or conditions try to interrupt or slow down the excitement of a better tomorrow. Most people have a problem not when we decide to sit down and do nothing, BUT when we make up our minds to take action towards a better life!

Be very careful not to allow our past to hang bad thoughts and bad attitudes in the “closet” of our minds. The enemy is very crafty in his approach. He told Eve that if she ate of the forbidden fruit, she would not surely die. What was he doing? He was hanging disbelief in her “closet.” The enemy knew Adam and Eve had vision and purpose to fulfill, but his mission was to thwart the plan of God for their lives!


Don’t allow disbelief to stop us from receiving the benefits of Abundance! Some of our closest friends/associates are just like that serpent, trying to get us to doubt just enough to set us back.

No longer can the enemy dangle limitation and lack above our heads to experience abundance not only in our bank account, but also in our health, our relationships, our career, and our personal lives.

The past will try to disguise itself as something we’ve never seen before. The suit may be different, the dress may be very elegant. Oh, by the way, nice shoes, a different face, but the same attitude and approach. It is only when we become committed to our divine future and there is unrest that urges us to take actions, will transformation ever take place in our lives.


Have a life the best life ever. That means we are going to have to make some tough decisions. Settling for “small” does not speak the truth of our lives. Look in the mirror and declare, “My past will not stop my future from coming forth!”

It is impossible for us to stand before our God and remain the same. Make our requests known to Him and He will give us the desires of our hearts. Now, let’s shout six times…


See yourself happy. See yourself prosperous and successful. Visualize our desired outcome and agree with what we see. We are a giant in the Spirit, an unstoppable force that cannot be denied!

Refuse to allow anyone to talk us out of what God has for us.
Refuse to allow the noise of negativity to back us into a corner.
Never be afraid to use the emergency exit.
And when we’ve done all to stands, STAND!

Let Us Walk with God

There are great power and authority in knowing who we are. It’s that power and authority that says, regardless of what your past looks like, if you set your mind on God, success will happen for you. When we are walking in oneness with God it will cause those of like mind to recognize the virtue that is operating within us. We have the power to triumph over our adversaries.

God, connected us to Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, for such a time like this. The prophet says words that will break down barriers and years of living a frustrated life. But we need to act.

Faith without corresponding action is dead faith!

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