False Testimony

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April 23, 2018

False Testimony

The clearest message that the 9th commandment is delivering is that it is required of human beings to be honest when bearing witness against their neighbor. This means that when you speak of another person, including what your impression of them is, what they have done, or what they have said, you must be completely truthful. You must not speak any false statements about them.

There are many people who perceive this law in a legal context only. They imagine being called to testify in court, swearing upon the bible to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. While the 9th commandment does prohibit bearing false witness in a legal context, it also transcends many other contexts as well.

Spreading or simply speaking lies about a person can have grave consequences, may it be in a legal context or not. Sometimes, the damage done when bearing false witness in a casual context can be even more serious than if this were done in a legal context!

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