God is Predictably Good

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May 15, 2018

God is Predictably Good

 The Bible says that in that precarious placed called the wilderness, the children of Israel learned to trust God and to believe profoundly in His goodness and mercy despite the wilderness. Thus, they had to learn to trust that God is still good that God is for them and not against them even amidst the unpredictability of life.

Though God seemed unpredictable to them, they ultimately learned that He was predictably good. So the wilderness is a place of exile from a predictable kind of a God; we are forced to give up on that kind of a God. The wilderness forces us to let go of our control, and in the dark night of faith, we let God lead us in the journey to the Promised Land even if we get their circuitously by the way of the desert. The experience of the wilderness opens us up to a deeper and more profound faith in God and in His goodness even as we wander through the lonely desert.

The wilderness is not the end of the story, because the Scripture says that God always brings His people out of the wilderness… just as the Israelites and Jesus Himself emerged from their wandering in the desert. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the wilderness is the place where salvation dawns, the place that gives way to a land rich in water and life, and the place that ceases to be a place of exile and alienation. The promise is the Promised Land (note the word “promised”), and we arrive in God’s time, and on God’s terms.

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