God Will Answer Your Prayers When You Become One With Him

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July 03, 2019

God Will Answer Your Prayers When You Become One With Him

There are times in your life that you may believe God is not answering or hearing your prayers when you pray for things. He hears them, but He wants you to be in the state of consciousness when you pray. 


DId you know, God does not want you to pray for things? God operates in principle over personality. Therefore, God isn’t interested in things. When you pray, you should be in constant union with God. You should be at one with the Father.


Right now decree and declare “I am at one with God. I am in constant union with God. I and my Father are one. I am spirit.”


You ultimately pray a “beggar’s prayer” when you pray for things because you’re only seeking for what you can get. Instead, you must pray to seek the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, then the things you desire will automatically be added unto you! 


You may have been seeking for the Lord to improve the following in your life: money situation, your ability to focus, and for Him to eliminate much of the negativity from your life so that you can find it easier to be positive. 


When you pray to seek what God wants you to operate in the earth, how God wants you to live your life, and the accurate order and arrangement of things according to His will, He will bring your life into right standing.


Let’s decree and declare VICTORY over the enemy called misunderstanding, because the deceitful enemy of misunderstanding wants you to pray a “beggar’s prayer” when God has given you Divine Kingdom-accessibility through the power of praying in Kingdom consciousness!


You will find yourself loosen from the bondage of stagnancy. The impurities of the belief you acquired at childhood from parental contamination, shall be broken! There is indeed a prophetic transformation that is about to take place in your life as you begin to pray in the consciousness of the Kingdom! HALLELUJAH!


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