God Will Remove Those Who Wants to Hinder You

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May 31, 2019

God Will Remove Those Who Wants to Hinder You

Get ready for God to remove someone from your life who is attempting to hinder you to reach your destiny.


Yes, there is someone who wants to cause hindrance in your life. They want to impede, obstruct, stop or retard your progress. Wherever you are right now, lift up your hands because a prophetic intervention is about to happen for you!

The word of God declares…

“Turn away from those who cause division and teach things contrary to the teaching you have learned.” (Romans 16:17)


As you are reading this, God is in the process of turning you away from someone who is spewing confusion and causing a hindrance to your abundance and divine elevation! The word of God says that a curse without a cause cannot settle on a righteous person!

With your simple faith to trust and believe God’s word, the curse that the enemy attempted to speak over your life and the life of your family shall not settle!


In this very moment (whether if you are at work, at home or outside in public) start praising God in your heavenly language, if you aren’t ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


With your praise to God, He has already done the following in your life:


  • The Lord just HINDERED your hindrance!
  • The enemy can no longer threaten your future without consequence!
  • The Lord is touching your body in a powerful way that will cause a phenomenal rejuvenation
  • A prophetic intervention is happening for you now… RIGHT NOW!


The Lord is sentencing you to the abundant life and you will receive a financial relief that will begin to appear as a result of your efficient actions concerning an opportunity you will discover over this prophetic time period. It is vital that you utilize your spiritual eyes and ears to pick up on things in this season because God wants to give you MORE LIFE not only physically, yet also financially and emotionally!

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