HALLELUJAH in the Face of Impossibility

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May 15, 2018

HALLELUJAH in the Face of Impossibility

For all those times that you thought you couldn’t make it… For all the times that you almost gave up…IT WAS ALL A TEST!

God is a just, understanding, and loving Father. We, humans, have the capacity to love a lot, love a little, or love conditionally. The Father’s love is not like any one of those. His love is PERFECT; that would be the only way to describe it.

He always knows what to do especially when we don’t. He gave us instructions on how to be more like Him and He gave us room to grow. As humans, we tend to not want to cause pain or suffering to our loved ones. But sometimes, our loved ones need to go through some ordeals to learn and grow in strength or wisdom. In the same way, God challenges us just enough for us to realize that we can be better.

God loves us enough to give us trials and challenges that continuously improve us. He knows we are worth more than we think we do and He is testing us, from time to time. He tries us sorely in order for us to rise higher.

One thing God will never do is give us more than we can handle. So when you come across a problem that you think you can’t overcome, SHOUT HALLELUJAH! Cry to the Father for help. The reason we are not perfect is for us to realize that we need His help. Shout Hallelujah, for God hears the call of His children.

We can do many things, but with God on our side, we can do ALL THINGS!

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