God Says, The Heavens Are Open For You!

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November 05, 2019

God Says, The Heavens Are Open For You!

Today the Lord began to declare, “The heavens are open” and God showed that a financial breakthrough is in the air today for your situation!


The voice of the Lord resonated from the heavens saying,


“You are standing in a place that is filled with miracles and blessings even in the face of their accusers. Begin to open your eyes and see your money flowing, see your ideas manifesting, see your bank account increasing more and more and more, because you are standing underneath an open heaven and I AM ready to release it into the air so that those who believe Me and trust Me can inhale my divine ideas and exhale My greatness in the earth through them!”


The financial stagnation that you have experienced is being interrupted. The financial worries are getting ready to subside if you can believe the prophet! 


That is why the enemy has been working so hard to keep you bound and weak. The hand of the Lord is resting upon you to do great exploits! THE HEAVENS ARE OPEN!


The Lord says, “The heavens are rejoicing because the abundance of the Lord has been released. The Lord’s handwriting is all over what is about to take place in your life!”

The Lord also says, “Old doors have been shut and new doors are opening. A new chapter of your life is being released, filled with miracles and breakthroughs. Trust the process, because what appeared to be dead is only waiting for you to speak life over it!”  


Give yourself permission to experience the next level. You deserve it. You were created to walk through this life and be victorious doing it. All that is required is faith the size of a mustard seed and the floodgates will open.

The only person that can stop you right now is you! 

The process is all about taking that first step. How you respond to the voice of God will determine what the final episode will look like. However, there is one stipulation. Your eyes must stay fixed on the truth that God is revealing to you from the handwriting in the clouds.

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