How Can Prophetic Prayer Help You Financially?

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June 29, 2018

How Can Prophetic Prayer Help You Financially?

Prophetic prayer can cause a bit of an issue, but this is how you know that the prophetic prayer is true: Is it absolutely evident that this ”prophecy” came from God?

In other words, does the person claiming to speak on behalf of God bring a sign or wonder with him? Does he or she do something that is miraculous? This could be raising the dead, parting the sea, or healing the blind. It could even be embedded in the prophecy itself. Though we have to be careful with this, due to the reality of obscurity, does the person predict something that comes true or does he or she know things about me that would require transcendent knowledge? Of course I have seen so much obscurity here that we have to be careful. To put this another way, telling me, “You are going through financial difficulty!” does not qualify, as with our country’s current economy, the “prophet” has a pretty good chance of getting this right! Neither does, “God wants you to take that new job,” or, “God knows your depression and he loves you.” These are not precise enough. It has to be something really specific. Think the David and Uriah situation here. And it cannot be a predictive prophecy like, “It is going to rain tomorrow.” Neither can it be, “In five years, you are going to have a child.” There is no reason for you to hang your hat on hope which cannot be verified for a long period of time. This is not God’s M.O. If there is going to be a far-in-the-future predictive prophecy, there will be a near predictive prophecy which will establish the testimony of the far one,

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