How to remain Faithful during Difficult Times

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July 30, 2018

How to remain Faithful during Difficult Times

They say when it rains it pours and this can be true when you are having a bad day. You may wake up in the morning and stub your toe. This makes you feel a little angry and when you go downstairs to make breakfast the next thing you know you have burned your toast and your kettle is boiling over. On your way to work you miss your bus. You get the picture. Things begin to snowball. As soon as your day begins to go wrong you must have the right attitude and that attitude comes from faith. Remaining faithful is much about positive thinking and attitude and learning to master these will help you during difficult times.

Stubbing your Toe

Let us consider what happens when you stub your toe. If you allow yourself to become angry your mind becomes distracted. Anger is very consuming, even if allowed to fester for a moment. When you become distracted your mind is not focused and even the simplest of tasks can go wrong. This is why your day will continue to go badly. You are still angry in the back of your mind because you stubbed your toe. You must learn to avoid anger starting with that stubbed toe. You can simply shake your head and laugh instead of being angry at that throbbing toe. As a sports coach might say, “Walk it off” and get back to your positive attitude.

Positive Distraction

Anger is a negative distraction that can be triggered by small or large “tests” we might face each day. However, when you are faced with difficult times it is best not to dwell on them with worry. Instead rely on your faith as an automatic pillar of strength and know that things will get better. Use positive distractions such as reading or playing with your children, watching a funny movie, or baking a cake to share with family at dinner. Read your favorite bible passages to strengthen your faith. All of these positive distractions will help keep you from negative worry. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan can also provide you with a personal prophecy that will help you see that things will get better and what you should do to get over your difficulties. All of these things will help you remember that in good time the bad times shall pass.

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