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Epitome of Obedience
May 29, 2018


Whenever hands are being laid on an individual, it is a sign of impartation or transference of spirit. When we begin to see the hands being laid upon him, it imparts us so that we can operate in the same anointing, same spirit, and same alignment. So you don’t have a different vision than the vision that I have. When we release prophets from off the stage to go and minister to people, that person should never feel as though they were short changed. They should feel as though it’s the Master Prophet with them. “They took time with me like the Master Prophet would take with me on the phone.” “I didn’t feel like I was a bother, being rushed.” “I felt like they took their time with me, just the way the Master Prophet does.” See, that is the key when you have the spirit of the leader. If your own agenda seeps into a thing where you’re trying to get ascendancy, this is what you’re going to watch out for. You negate the spirit of leader because you’re trying to project your own. That’s why you have to understand, when you’re on the ball team, you know we were watching a movie and it was talking about the jerseys on the hockey team; they had their name at the back of the shirt and the name of the team was on the front. They said that you’re playing not for the name that’s on the back of the shirt but for the name that’s on the front. Sometimes, what happens is that people forget that if you’re a prophet here at ZOE, then your job is to minister people effectively; to hold up the quality of the team and not try to hold up the shine of the self. Make sure that your personality doesn’t eclipse the principle. So here, he says, “Joshua, the son of Nun, full of the spirit of wisdom for Moses had laid his hands upon him. And the children of Israel hearkened unto him and did as the Lord commanded Moses.” When you have the spirit of the leader, the people will hearken unto you just like they would hearken unto the leader. However, when people see your personality, they will ignore you because they know you’re out of alignment and you violate a principle. When you find people saying, I just can’t get them to do anything for you and I guess they only do it for you because you’re the Bishop. They’re not doing it for you because you’re not the Bishop. That seems like what you just said. Well you know, Bishop, they’re doing it because you are the Bishop, and you just told me that you’re not the bishop. You’re out of alignment. You’re out of order. This collar doesn’t make you, you have to make the collar. That’s like praying in the name of Jesus. You come in Jesus’ name and Jesus’ nature, like Jesus, and that’s why you got to emulate that nature.

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