The Lord Says It’s Time To Move Into Conquering Mode!

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October 22, 2019

The Lord Says It’s Time To Move Into Conquering Mode!

REJOICE! It’s time to activate the conquering mode within you. Because the Lord already knows that you are a survivor, yet today is the day that you can begin to walk into the fullness of the conqueror God has called you to be! Hallelujah!


In 8 minutes, you’re about to enter into CONQUERING MODE!


There have been some relationships in your life you’ve survived where every interaction left you feeling drained or diminished, hasn’t there, from co-workers past and present, your friends, and even some family members. What marked these relationships as a weight on your chest is how you felt after each interaction. Is this making sense to you?


The Lord shows those days you’ve survived when you would wake up feeling defeated and depleted due to the responsibilities of life you face alone! 


The Lord knows that you are a survivor, but right now, God says, “Don’t allow the enemy to take you out of conquering mode, because there is a victory in your word of prophecy! YOUR FUTURE HAS BEEN MARKED BY VICTORY!”


Jeremiah 1:19 declares…


“And they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee.”


There are people who are assigned in your life to fight against you! Yet, the Lord has written in His word that they shall not prevail against you! When we look back at the adulteress in John 8, we find her accusers looking to fight against Jesus by tempting Him into taking action against her!


Yet, Jesus began to carve out a new future for the adulterer on the ground when He wrote in the dust not once but twice! Jesus activated His conquering mode in doing such a thing! Jesus ultimately began to conquer the accusers of the adulteress by propositioning them to take action against their own transgressions! Not only did Jesus allow the adulteress to survive her accusers, but He also allowed her to conquer death!


You are a survivor. However, as you fight the good fight, you’ve got to get to the place where you know in your heart that God is for you and He will give you the victory because He has made you a CONQUEROR! 


BELIEVE THE PROPHET! You’re about to conquer…

  • The physical abuse you’ve endured!
  • The house that was lost!
  • The absent mother!
  • The broken relationship that scarred you!
  • The loss of a loved one!
  • The doctor’s negative report!
  • The betrayal!
  • The lack in your house!
  • The sickness and disease!
  • The abandonment you’ve faced, BECAUSE…


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