Lay It on the Altar

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April 23, 2018

Lay It on the Altar

The moment Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, they were taught how to survive in this world. One of the most interesting sights is how Adam performed with diligence the words of the Lord.

An angel caught him laying up stones and building an altar. He performed whatever the Lord required of him on that altar. When the angel asked him why he was doing so, the reply he received was one of humility and meekness. Adam said, “I know not save the Lord commanded me.”

Can we all have that attitude? When the Lord commands, we must obey. No questions asked. Adam knew the Lord, he remembers having been able to walk and talk with Him in their heavenly state back in the garden. He knew that whatever the Lord asked of him, he must follow. He also knew that whatever the Lord asked was out of love, and therefore, for his own good.

The Lord would never ask us to do something He knew we couldn’t. All the trials and temptations indeed stretches us, but they will also strengthen us.

Let us be like Adam and lay it all on the altar for the Lord. Our faith is required to work the mighty miracles that lay in store; but we must first learn to see with spiritual eyes the purposes of God.

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