Let’s Walk on Water!

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January 12, 2019

Let’s Walk on Water!

God really does help those who help themselves! Don’t listen to those negative voices who tell us otherwise.

The enemy has been working overtime to convince us that we are running out of time. What looked like a long, dragged-out process, has been the Holy Spirit setting us up for transformation.

Ignore every voice that is telling you to stop reading these life-changing words.

The enemy is doing his best to distract us and stop us from receiving our double portion. But we must be reminded…

We cannot create wealth in isolation.
Self-doubt is a major dream-killer.
We should surround ourselves with like-minded and inspiring people.
We should give ourselves permission to become very wealthy.

Roadblocks can only stop us when we allow them to stop us. Distractions can only overwhelm us when we allow them to overwhelm us.

Everything we touch shall turn to gold. Our steps are divinely ordered. TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! If we can believe it, it will manifest in our lives. Rome was not built in day. Our wealth will not happen overnight. We must put in the work and then trust the process God has set up for us.


Our obedience in following the instructions of our Personal Prophet will cause our Prosperity Angels to create the future we desire. We will defy the odds and walk on water. Yes, what looks impossible will become our birthing place for miracles.  “Our anointing shall speak loud and boldly in this season.”

I will sing a brand-new song to Him,
Oh, let my anthem ring.
Oh, hallelujah to the King of Kings,
Hallelujah to His Name!

Believe in the power of prayer. The enemy is after the prophetic word over our lives. He will do anything to cause us to doubt, be distracted, and ultimately, quit.  Shout out loud, “You can’t have my word.”

Did you know that a creative breakthrough occurs when we push through a barrier that was meant to stop us?  The more we put our mind to work, the more likely we will experience God’s economy. When it comes to creating wealth, we have the tools to get the job done. Stop selling yourself short!

Listen to God’s Message

This is what the Sovereign God is saying to His children…

I call you my sons and daughters
to walk on the water.
I’m holding My hand, I’m reaching for you,
walk to me. I’m calling you. Hear my call.
I’m calling you to walk on the water.

Take a deep breath and exhale. Take another deep breath and exhale. Our atmosphere invites a miracle to happen. Right at this moment, the Glory of the Lord is coming down and our house is being blessed.  Shout out loud, “THERE’S NO STOPPING ME NOW!” TAKE NOTE… the Glory of the Lord is part of our blessing plan!

The anointing on your lives will bring forth a glow that will cause our enemies to scatter. Divine favor will come to our households.

Our territory is expanding.
Our faith is unlocking many doors.


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