Master Prophet, Push Us!

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December 21, 2018

Master Prophet, Push Us!

As we continue to walk with the Holy Spirit, more of God’s blessings will become our portion. Let’s be honest; most people don’t like to be pushed. In fact, there many people who are willing to stay stuck right where they are.
“Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up. “Quick, get up!” he said, and the chains fell off Peter’s wrists.”
(Acts 12:7)
The prophetic word will continue to PUSH us towards a better outcome.
“Never settle for a slice of bread when you can have the whole loaf.”

Prophesy Until Something Happens

Imagine becoming frustrated while drilling for oil. Days, weeks and months go by without anything happening. Don’t be THAT person who walks away from it all, when all we had to do was drill a little deeper! Sometimes we need someone in our lives that will give us the necessary PUSH to keep drilling until something happens!
Let our supply come from unconventional means. The only formula that will work for us is the P.U.S.H. (Prophesy Until Something Happens!)
  • Our greatness is emerging on the scene because of the PUSH.
  • Everything around us is changing because of the PUSH.
This PUSH is not going to force us to do anything. When it happens, we won’t even know it! SUDDENLY, we will look up and say, “How did that get here?”

Let The Master Prophet Push Us into Purpose

Only the Master Prophet can PUSH us into purpose and it feels like we have been there all our lives. Our praise is being built up as a weapon of mass destruction. While the prophet is leaning on us to move us to the next level, our praise will unlock the entrepreneur in us and cause our wealthy ideas to be made public! Are we ready for this?
  • Who can stand against us in this season and have victory?
  • Is there someone who can plan our demise in this season and have victory?
  • Who can gossip about us in this season and have victory?
  • is there somebody who can cause financial hardship for us in this season and have victory?
  • Who can continue to call us ungodly names in this season and have victory?
What was done in secret is being exposed in this season. The prophetic word for us will become the foundation that we build upon. The three Hebrew boys went through the fiery furnace being PUSHED by the Spirit of the Lord. How we come out will be determined by who we allow to PUSH us!

Accept the Push!

Let’s go ahead, catch our breath, and meditate on God. Now, EXHALE! Allow the Holy Spirit to PUSH us into all truth. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that we need a jump-start. What we have been praying for, what we have been seeking, what we have been desiring, is in the PUSH. The PUSH is putting things in divine order concerning our financial portfolio.
The PUSH is causing the supernatural outpouring of God’s divine favor to rain down on our household. Our destinies are too important for us. Let us not sit on the sidelines of life and play “Simon Says.” The power shift took place because of the PUSH. Not the wind, the fire, nor the storms in our lives can stop it from manifesting. When the Master Prophet pushes us, it will be a sudden happening and everything will appear as what God promised!

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