Be Mindful of the Words You Internalized To Yourself

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July 18, 2019

Be Mindful of the Words You Internalized To Yourself

During the first 18 months of your life, you spent much of the time asleep or at deep levels of mind and brainwave activity. During those times, you internalized the atmosphere, even though your brain didn’t intellectually understand what was being said. However, the “feeling” behind the words spoken by those around you entered your mind and settled in your subconscious! 


That means every negative decree, declaration, and affirmation that went forth since the day you were born, created a base for your behavior and experience! 


Think about it. If a child’s subconscious is continuously filled with the belief that life isn’t fair, then that child could carry that same belief into adulthood.


EVERY WORD YOU INTERNALIZED is a world you externalize! You were placed under a spell since birth. The Lord says THE SPELL WILL BE BROKEN! HALLELUJAH!


Begin to speak in your heavenly language wherever you are right now because the Lord says that because of your faith, He is going to paralyze every word that attempted to architect lack, self-defeat, and failure in your life, in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah!


God has sealed your victory over every negative spell that was spoken over your life with the Blood of Jesus and every word that served as an “Achan” in your life to steal your treasure, shall depart from your camp! The Lord says that as you release your faith today, His wisdom and power shall fall upon you in a measure that can’t be confronted because you are receiving a Psalm 92 anointing for a supernatural breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus! Hallelujah! 


The Lord says it’s time to EXTERNALIZE your faith because He has already decreed the Psalm 92 Miracle upon your life that will BREAK THE SPELL! The word of the Lord is going forth, on your behalf, undoing what the enemy has done! GLORY HALLELUJAH! Your season of triumph is here! 

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