The Money You Are Waiting For Is On Its Way To You

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August 08, 2019

The Money You Are Waiting For Is On Its Way To You

The Lord says your money is coming to you. He is mending back together broken pieces of you.


The Lord says, “Why are you worrying? Have I not brought you from a mighty long way?”


Don’t you know the enemy is the author of lies and he has been busy trying to deceive you through the lie that God isn’t going to be able to take of you? Psalm 118: 17 declares that you shall not die but LIVE and DECLARE the works of the Lord! Please understand, you can’t have a testimony without first having the test. 


The GOOD NEWS is that during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season, you’re going to walk out of your current situation victoriously! The Lord says that as you begin to cast out all fear, cast out all doubt, cast out all thoughts that aren’t of Him, you will discover perfect peace within that has been eluding you, because it is written in His word that He shall keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him! Hallelujah!


GOOD NEWS is the cause of your ridicule is now converting into a source for your money miracle! The GOOD NEWS is that those who are laughing you to scorn because of your financial struggle shall now witness your testimony of abundance! Hallelujah! The GOOD NEWS is that every money blessing that was confiscated by envious enemies are now being released! The GOOD NEWS is YOUR MONEY IS COMING!


The Lord says that you are standing in a sensational LAW OF ABUNDANCE moment of your life, where God wants to help you give birth to your financial desire! The Lord says nothing can happen to you unless it happens through you! You have to be the one to give birth to your desire! Therefore, you must bless yourself. You prosper yourself. Your abundance doesn’t come from outside of you; it is generated within you!


The Bible says that the renewing of your mind transforms you! Your current circumstance is only a test to see when, where, and how you’re going to renew your mind! OH GLORY, HALLELUJAH! Begin to give God praise now for your breakthrough!




The Lord says, “During this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season, it’s time to channel your faith in the right direction.” Often, we channel our faith in the wrong direction, and instead of putting it in God, we put it in other people. Isn’t it true? The question is, is your faith in the right place?


Are there people who have hurt you because you’ve placed too much faith in them?


The Lord says that during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season, you must understand that your inner circle is a prophecy of what you are becoming. It is also a test to renew your mind. As you begin to renew your mind effectively, you’re going to attract the inner circle that will begin to induce the birth of your desire because the GOOD NEWS is “YOUR MONEY IS COMING!”

  • Renewed relationships are GOING TO BRING YOU MONEY!
  • Renewed finances are GOING TO BRING YOU MONEY!
  • Renewed health is even GOING TO BRING YOU MONEY!

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