Power to Shift: Don’t Just Sit There… Shift!

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October 31, 2018

Power to Shift: Don’t Just Sit There… Shift!

Yesterday, I was sitting in my car at a red light, staring at the traffic. My first thought was, this is going to be a long ride. After five minutes of sitting in traffic, I noticed something that brought a smile to my face. There were some cars that refused to play by the rules. They were so impatient that they started cutting the line. Their actions caused many to blow their horns, bringing attention to what was happening.

As I was sitting in my car watching all this take place, I started saying to myself quietly, use your signals and change lanes. What was obvious to me, was NOT obvious to those other drivers cutting the line. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Tell my sons and daughters that there are NO shortcuts to getting to their WEALTHY PLACE.”

We Have The Power to Shift

We cannot abruptly and haphazardly move into the WEALTHY PLACE. Likewise, we cannot illegally cut the line. Nor can we just sit there and remain stuck. We have to use our signals. When we use our signals, we bring attention to the fact that we are changing lanes. WE HAVE THE POWER TO SHIFT WHENEVER WE CHOOSE!

If we fail to use our signals, we can cause traffic to come to a standstill. Whatever has got us backed up (fear, procrastination, limiting thoughts, low self-esteem, disappointment, lack, want, need), is a result of our failure to signal that we are ready to SHIFT!

Use Your Power to Shift to Control Circumstances In Your Life

 I want everyone to know that it is the time to SHIFT, and I need to clear the way for everyone! Our negative thoughts about money have caused us to stay halted in the “broke” lane, when God wants us to SHIFT into the fast lane to the WEALTHY PLACE.

The people that were stuck in traffic today could have easily gotten where they wanted to go, but they forgot to use what they had right at their fingertips. We pray that will not be our testimony. The moment we decide to use our signals, we give ourselves permission to cut the line legally. We indicate to others that we are ready to SHIFT!
  • The strongholds that were designed to bankrupt us, must yield to our signals.
  • Any opposing forces, must yield to our signals.
  • Anything in our path, must yield to our signals.

It’s Time to Shift

IT’S TIME FOR US TO SHIFT! When we start using our spiritual signals, something remarkable happens. We begin to prepare ourselves to SHIFT into the exceptional season that God has for us. Let us choose to come out of the “halted” lane and SHIFT into the lane to the WEALTHY PLACE. I hear God saying, “Whatever we do, DO NOT give room to the enemy!

We must resist temptation and use our signals and SHIFT!
  • If we use reason, we will talk ourselves out of the SHIFT!
  • Should we need to know everything that is going to happen on the journey to our WEALTHY PLACE, we will talk ourselves out of the SHIFT!
  • If we give into fear and succumb to the pressures of our oncoming thoughts, we will talk ourselves out of the SHIFT!
  • Should we yield to the negative thoughts of others, we will talk ourselves out of the SHIFT!
Our best days are in front of us. When our bills try to overpower us, we must use our signals to signify we are changing lanes. We don’t have to live in fear of not knowing what is next. Trust the Holy Spirit to guide you through the rough roads of life.

You Will Be Unstoppable When You Recognize That You Have The Power to Shift

What is stopping you from fully going after what the Holy Spirit has shown to us? The Holy Spirit is telling us that we belong on the center stage of life. The only person holding you back from taking that huge leap, is you. When we separate ourselves from the world’s economy and tap into the Kingdom of God, multiplication begins to work on our behalf. COME ON, SHIFT!
THINGS ARE SHIFTING! Our voice will be in demand. Real estate favor is opening up for us. We are coming into a season of being debt-free. Our gifts, talents and abilities are making room for us at the negotiation table. Our name is being made great, says the Spirit of the Living God!
We need to fix our mind on things above. We are about to SHIFT out of every situation that does not speak the truth of who we are. There is so much more we need to know on this journey to our WEALTHY PLACE. I don’t want us to miss our opportunity to SHIFT! DON’T JUST SIT THERE… SHIFT!

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