Pray like a Prophet

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June 29, 2018

Pray like a Prophet

Prayer is one of the most valuable assets we have as Christians. It allows us to directly communicate with God as He gives us the privilege of fulfilling His purposes here on earth.

Children who are raised in a Christian setting are often taught how to pray and what to say in prayer. This often leads to “go-to” formula prayers that don’t really come from the heart. Even adults are guilty of this kind of praying. This has become a crisis in the Christian community, as prayer merely becomes a ‘requirement’ rather than an honest conversation with God. Some prayers in churches are for “show” and are not even sincere anymore. Are you frustrated with your prayer life? Do you feel like there’s more to it than what you’re experiencing now?

Let Bishop E. Bernard Jordan help you in this area of your life through the prophetic prayer list. Prophetic prayer is directed to God in the form of asking (praying) for his plan and purpose. It will help reveal your prophetic gifts and uncover what your heart desires. But how do we get prophetic prayer? Remember that God looks at the heart of a person. Your relationship with God is such a vital key in prophetic prayer. Remove any doubt from your heart and mind and fully commit to the wonders that God can do in your life.

Learn how to pray like a prophet and express yourself fully to God like you’ve never done before. This will help you gain prophetic insight about the different areas of your life and what direction you should take.

3 thoughts on “Pray like a Prophet

  1. Deborah Turner says:

    I have 3 prayer request,
    For my dad , we will find out on Thursday 8/15/13 what they found on test results , they say he has cancer but I know the devil is a liar.
    2 Nd for my son who is in the Air Force for Gods guidance and peace, and protection over him that he feels thus us where The Lord has him and that The Lord will give him endurance until he had done his service, my son is 19 and we are close do its very difficult for him to be away from home.
    3rd for myself for my relationship with a man that I’m not sure what he wants in the future I would like to get married but not sure he does. And for me to lose weight. And The Lord will give me wisdom and knowledge for a position at wrk in accounting. I would also would like to learn how to pray or what to say when I know I should pray for someone.

    Thank you

  2. Admin says:

    Thank you for your reply. May you be blessed abundantly.
    If you want a personal prophecy, please visit http://freewrittenprophecy.com/get-prophecy/

  3. Zibu says:

    I have a problem financialy my husband is the one who is working.we have 3 children,the salary of my husband is not enough for us sometimes we don’t have food to eat we are in dept I’m triying a bisiness but is not working well by the prayers from you I believe God will do miracles for me in 2014 thanks a lot for sharing my problem with you FROM Nomazibulo

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