Your Psalm 92 Miracle Is In The Power of Your Hands

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July 10, 2019

Your Psalm 92 Miracle Is In The Power of Your Hands

For you to see the manifestation of your Psalm 92 miracle, you have to understand the works of your hands are an instrumental key. 


Psalm 92:4, it states,


“For thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands.” 


Do not get caught up in other people’s drama, controversy, and even drama of your own. The Lord says, he has made your hands strong so don’t buy into their propaganda. 


Your intuition is real, and it is never wise to ignore because it comes from deep within your subconscious and derives from your previous life experiences. If everyone else is telling you “yes,” yet your gut is telling you otherwise, it is because your Angel of Inspiration is leading you!


As you release your faith today, The Lord is going to cause you to be led to the correct information, especially when faced with difficult decisions during this season! 


Shout three times now:




Do not quit because God hasn’t made you be a quitter. Where life happens to you, God says life is about to happen for you! Where you’ve seen scarcity, the Lord says you’re about to see abundance because there’s always enough!


Obstacles that held you back are going to transform into obstacles that help you grow because of the works of your hands! There is an abundant anointing on your life that you must not ignore! Your MIRACLE is in your hands because the Lord said…




Begin to speak in your Heavenly language right now, because an angel of victory is standing next to you and he is wielding a sword that is cutting loose the chains of procrastination, uncertainty, and fear, in the mighty name of Jesus!


The Lord says the works of your hands are going to begin to recover every miracle that you’ve lost through unbelief, in the name of Jesus!  


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