Rest Benefits You as a Christian

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January 18, 2018

Rest Benefits You as a Christian

Observing the Sabbath by keeping it holy is the fourth commandment of God. The emphasis on rest and its importance to the lives of every Christian; and here you will understand what rest really means and how it benefits you as a Christian.

So, rest is a time off from something that keeps you busy. If you are employed, then the weekends or your day-off from work is your “rest day”. Rest is important to everyone’s life. Physical rest is critical to the longevity of a person. Without proper rest, a person’s body will deteriorate much faster than normal, resulting to decrease in performance until one becomes no longer able to work.

The same thing happens in your spiritual life. Every day is a battle. The Christian life is a battle. You do not choose your challenges for the day. They just happen and appear at your doorstep waiting for you to quit and surrender. But as followers of Christ, you have to endure. Living that kind of life and fighting battles every single day is tiring. That is why spiritual rest is important. When you observe the Sabbath, you get to unload your spiritual burdens and get nourishment from God.

Every day is a spiritual battle. Trials and hardships are not all that Christians face every day. There are also the many temptations and deceptions that the enemy tries to inject in the minds and hearts of Christians. When you are not equipped with the word of God and you do not have the right amount of faith, you will lose the battle.

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