Salvation Needs to Be Claimed

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June 29, 2018

Salvation Needs to Be Claimed

What is the atonement of Jesus Christ?

We all know that in the last hour of Jesus on this earth, He spent time in a certain place, the Garden of Gethsemane. This place is where the suffering of Jesus Christ began and it ended on the cross.

The word Gethsemane is a Greek word meaning “oil press”. Creating olive oil is a long and arduous task. The fruit has to be put in a special contraption and the process is “pressing” it over and over and over again until it juices out into the clear precious liquid that we use often in our kitchen because of its health benefits and its pure quality.

Salvation is free, yes; but as with all free things, we have to claim it. We have to make our own individual effort to stake the claim on something that is being handed out freely. Otherwise, it’ll just be like passing by all those free coupons down the street. We didn’t gain anything. Exercising your faith is walking up to the booth and claiming your ticket. You have to move your legs. And it is this everyday endeavor that we should never forget. Keep striving and all things shall be added upon you.

That is what we are working for in this lifetime. All the equal opportunities that we are being given, we will be judged accordingly to how we handled the things that came our way. And when all is done, it is Jesus Christ that will serve as a bridge from the spirit world into the kingdoms that have been prepared for us.

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