When we Sin, We must Make Amends

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June 29, 2018

When we Sin, We must Make Amends

Moses, through God’s power, freed the Hebrew slaves and brought them out from Egypt and into the desert. For years, they journeyed towards the Promise Land. However, God saw that many of the people were behaving in misguided ways. Because of this, God decided to create laws in which the people must abide by. These laws were transcribed in the book of Leviticus.

In the account of “Sins Requiring a Guilt Offering”, it is stated that upon distinguishing the error in our ways, we must act in order to redeem ourselves, rid ourselves of guilt, and make amends so that we can move forward. In Leviticus 6:4, it is stated:

“When they sin in any of these ways and realize their guilt, they must return what they have stolen or taken by extortion, or what was entrusted to them, or the lost property they found;”

In the passage above, the sins being particularly given attention to be those involving theft. However, this rule applies for all types of sins. Because the 10 Commandments were given only after the Hebrews have been freed, many of them did not know that theft, among other sins, were against God’s will. That is why the passage above tells us that upon realizing that one has sinned, based on the newly presented commandments, he or she must make amends.

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