Speaking God’s Words

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June 29, 2018

Speaking God’s Words

Prophetic prayers are very powerful prayers. This is because they declare God’s purpose for your life. It is not merely asking for a sign and hoping for the best, it is believing that something will happen in someone’s life because God wants it to happen. Often, we pray to God and just wait for it to happen. What if we do it differently? What if instead of asking, we demand God’s will to be done? Wouldn’t that be greater? Because we believe in God’s power so much, we know deep down in our hearts that God’s purpose will be fulfilled in our lives.

Those who teach prophetic prayer point to Jesus’ model prayer, which includes the words “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”(Matthew 6:10).  This verse, they say, teaches that we should demand God’s will in the world around us. As a modern-day prophet speaks God’s words “into the earth” or “into the atmosphere,” he believes that he changes his environment to conform to God’s command and paves the way for God’s purpose.

Speak to a prophet and let him teach you how to have prophetic prayers in your life. See how much of a difference it makes once you have your free written prophecy and change your prayer life completely.

One thought on “Speaking God’s Words

  1. Gary says:

    I am praying that my marriage will be restored back to
    Me and made new in Christ Jesus that wife and kids will
    Turn back to The Lord and god will restore himself back into
    There hearts and life’s I am also praying to be restored back home
    With them with all time lost given back

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