Spiritual Vision Is Coming To You

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Spiritual Vision
April 05, 2019

Spiritual Vision Is Coming To You

God wants to improve and realign your spiritual vision for you to see GREAT THINGS. He is sending His Angel to realign your spiritual insight to recognize the greater unseen opportunities and deeper unseen dangers that will manifest in your future.  

Through your spiritual insight, you will be able to recognize early on the doors that will bring you great benefit and divine promotion. As you open the door to your divine promotion, there are eight (8) GREAT PROMOTIONS which you are set to witness before your eyes:

  1. God will REVIVE your spiritual vision to recognize unseen opportunities!

  2. God will REDEEM your health for optimum functionality and longevity!

  3. God will REPAIR your heart to attract authentic intimacy and affection!

  4. God will REVERSE the enemy’s oppressive plan to attack your family!

  5. God will RESOLVE personal issues that leave you emotionally drained!

  6. God will REIMBURSE you for all of what the enemy took from you!

  7. God will RENEW your mind for divine idea creation!

  8. God will RESUME your power to get wealth!


You shall witness these great things because of your faith and your courageous obedience to God’s word! Hallelujah!

God is realigning your spiritual insight to intervene in your situation. It’s no secret that you’ve been asking God for answers. Even now, there may be a very sensitive situation you’ve been waiting to receive special news for. But as you continue to come before the Lord in faith, special doors are about to open and you are about to witness great things in the months to come.   

God wants to give you the correct vision to recognize the unique prophetic formation that is coming this season. The Lord says, “The time has come for you to stop seeing your life by accident and see your life according to your Divine Purpose!”

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