Spreading Gossip

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May 15, 2018

Spreading Gossip

The 9th commandment requires human beings to avoid gossiping about one another. Gossiping is a form of bearing false witness because when a person gossips, he or she spreads words that may or may not be true. When you say something as though it is true –even when you are not completely sure about this, you are aiding in offending a person in his or her name.

It is unfortunate that many people nowadays spread gossip without feeling even a little bit remorseful. This is due to a number of reasons. One reason is because “everyone is doing it”.

When people hear gossip, it excites them because it gives them something to talk about with others. It serves as their way of bonding with those whom they are gossiping way. Furthermore, the fact that they are not alone in their gossiping gives them a sense of security in what they do.  They tell themselves things like; “If everyone else is doing it, how bad can it be?”, “If I’m the only one who sees something might be wrong with is, then I’m probably the one who is mistaken”, or “If gossiping were really that bad then everyone would be going to hell for it.”

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