Your Substance Has Always Been Within You. It’s Not Hidden.

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August 15, 2019

Your Substance Has Always Been Within You. It’s Not Hidden.

You were made in secret, yet the Lord has always known your substance. It was never hidden from Him. It has always been inside of you.


In the book of Psalm, it states,


“My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret.”

(Psalm 139:15)


The God-in-you is the Light of the world! It’s only a matter of you awakening to your Divine Inheritance!


During this LAW of ABUNDANCE season, you must understand that your power is in your consciousness of Being! The Bible declares that you possess the power to get wealth! Yes! It is part of the substance that God had placed on the inside of you when you were formed!


The Bible also declares in 2 Corinthians 4:7 that the treasure of the Lord is in you as an earthen vessel! That’s because YOU ARE THE LIVING SIGNATURE OF THE POWER OF GOD!


The Lord says His Spirit that is on the inside of you can never suffer lack, limitation, illness, or strained/broken relationships when His signature is activated within you! During this essential LAW of ABUNDANCE season, whenever you think, speak or write “I” you aren’t (or shouldn’t) be referring to the you who has no vision, no power, no wisdom. You are (or should be) thinking of the Master Self within—the Spirit of God as you who is the I-Omniscient, the I-Omnipotent!


The Lord says it is the I-Omniscient, the I-Omnipotent within you that is the golden pen which is required to sign your LAW of ABUNDANCE check into Being because you are His Living signature!


God says it is the I AM self in the midst of you that is Omnipotent, All-Knowing, All-Seeing, eternally Doing and Being! You must come to know this! You must feel this! You must become aware of the radiating power of the I AM self that resides within you!


The Lord says the truth of your Being is what is going to bring you into a financial breakthrough! The truth is your consciousness of God, as your supply will begin to produce the supply! GLORY!


The Lord also revealed a peculiar financial situation in your life that will begin to be resolved quickly because of your awakening and your display of faith today. Your walk as the living signature of God is going to be activated in you, and you are going to see a substantial increase in your physical signing of checks, financial accounts and paperwork that’s connected to the arrival of your abundance! RECEIVE IT NOW, in Jesus’ name! Thank You, Father!


DECREE and DECLARE three times now powerfully:




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