Sustain the Prophet

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May 29, 2018

Sustain the Prophet

A widow woman was commanded to sustain the prophet. Who you sustain determines how you are maintained. If you are not sustaining the Master Prophet, you are not being maintained prophetically. If you are not sustaining your mentor or your leader, your life is not on God’s maintenance program. Oftentimes, people miss their provision because they refuse to operate according to God’s maintenance plan. God maintains you in accordance to your obedience to who He told you to sustain?

As the Son of the Prophet (the mentee), your ministry is not unto the Lord, as you may know the Lord, but your ministry is really unto a person (your mentor). Samuel ministered before Eli, yet he knew not the Lord. Eli was the priest. Samuel ministered in the temple. It was not until Eli was close to death that God started dealing with Samuel as a prophet. Joshua did not hear God’s voice until Moses was dead.

God will never speak to the mentee until his mentor is dead. It is the Master Prophet’s responsibility to point the mentee to the Lord, and it is the responsibility of the mentee to point the people to the Master Prophet. You may think that God has this intimate relationship with you; however, your relationship is really with your mentor. God and your mentor are inseparable. God and delegated authority are one. This is a vital principle to understand. When you understand that God and delegated authority are one, you will prophesy from the same dimension, that “I and my Father are one.” You cannot proclaim, “I and my Father are one” if you see yourself separate from the Father. You can only see yourself separate from the Father if you are not in covenant with the Father or if you are not operating as one authority with the Father.

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