The Bible and Prophets

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June 29, 2018

The Bible and Prophets

God has been so good to us that He not only gave us the Bible as our guide to living our lives here on earth, but He also provided prophets for us even in his modern day and age.  We have a permanent, written record of God’s Words in the Bible, but God is still speaking today, through prophecies, visions, and signs.

These current messages from the Lord are His “Living Word.”
You may ask, “Why isn’t reading the Bible enough? Why can’t we just get our answers from the recorded, printed Word?”
Yes, you should get as many answers from the recorded Word as you can, but where the printed Word doesn’t go far enough to answer your specific needs, the Lord has given His Word through prophecy as a further way of finding His direction.

The written Word gives you the fundamentals, the basics, but often the Lord wants to give you specifics for your particular situation through speaking to you directly in prophecy. Speak to a prophet today and learn how you can get

. Prayers will help guide and direct you as you fulfill God’s purpose here on earth.

2 thoughts on “The Bible and Prophets

  1. lilian l. laurente says:

    Hello PROPHET BERNARD JORDAN…first of all Iwanna thanks you for all whay youve done to me its help a lot to lift my burden and my heavy load that i carry now and it almost a month dis coming end of september..i wanna thank my holy almigthy GOD and you prophet Bernard Jordan for giving hope and the verses that using fit for me tru your holy messages that you sent to me in my yahoo messages ..to let you know i am amazing cause you know what happenning to me now and whats gonnabeen through at my situation now and im amazed how im longing for help to my holy God and you too my prophet Bernard..everytime i read your holy messages for me i cried cause its all were true esp. in my situation now that im longing for help and guidance that comes from holy God ..but you know im not regreting anything

  2. Bishop Bernard Jordan says:

    Thank you for your reply. May you be blessed abundantly.
    If you want a personal prophecy, please visit http://freewrittenprophecy.com/get-prophecy/

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