The Importance of Prayer

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June 29, 2018

The Importance of Prayer

Prayer is a practice that most Christians do. It is often done before eating and before going to bed. But there is something more deep about prayer. Prayer is a connection that you make with God. It is your communication line and way of growing in your faith.

Praying is a very significant task of a prophet. Jesus is described as prayerful. The bible has been constantly showing us that Jesus has an extremely busy time. But despite of his schedule, when faced with any circumstance, Jesus always prays. He even teaches all his disciples how to pray and have faith in God. He exhibited His impressive faith to God (Luke 11:1-4, NIV).

How has your prayer life been? Have you been praying to truly communicate with God and deepen your relationship with Him? Or have you been dismissing the true essence of prayer? If you feel as though you need help in regaining and reviving your prayer life, speak to a prophet. He can help you in your prophetic prayer and guide you in strengthening your prayer life. CLICK HERE!

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