The Real Transformation

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June 29, 2018

The Real Transformation

Transformation is not merely the change, conversion or alterations in structure, appearance and character of things, person or any being as defined by dictionaries. It is not also like a metamorphosis of a butterfly, an extraordinary phenomenon that happens naturally or the transfiguration of Jesus Christ that happen miraculously.

Caterpillars do not push themselves to having wings and becoming a butterfly, it is in their nature to grow. An infant who learns to walk and talk is not really about transformation but a natural part of human maturation and development. These things just prove that changes do happen spontaneously, eventually and naturally, but it does not necessarily mean that there is transformation.

Transformation only happens out of will and personal shift. It is not just about the physical and obvious changes that occur; it is more of the invisible value and high perspectives that we put on the things that lead to the changes seen. Transformation is not about making life better but rather it is about creating value in life, knowing the fact that life is changing (Smothermon, 1982).

To understand transformation better, let me use an illustration that of two women who are both overweight for many years. One woman believes that she will never lose those extra weight and inches while the other one believes that she can still have a normal body size if she works out and modify her diet.

The latter one’s perspective is far better than the first one; this woman puts value on her physical body and therefore undergoes a process of changes toward her belief that she can have a normal body and will not stop unless she achieved what she desired and valued. The other woman will therefore remain the same, as she believes she would be.

Changes do happen out of a renewed mind and transformed perspectives and beliefs. Therefore, if you want transformation, then start adding value to the things that you believe in. Renew your mind and let transforming takes place.

Going back to the previous example, the transformation is not about the changes in the body size of the second woman but on the importance that she gave on it. Remember that transformation is not really about the changes in form but rather a change of its value (Smothermon, 1982).


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