It’s Time for You To Come Out of The Land of Not Enough

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November 09, 2019

It’s Time for You To Come Out of The Land of Not Enough

Have you ever thought about praying for sickness to leave your finances? The Holy Spirit said, “It’s time for My people to come out of the land of not enough.”


The Holy Spirit shared with me that your financial setback is only preparing you for the comeback! Eyes have not seen the phenomenal enrichment that the Holy Spirit is bringing in your direction this Thanksgiving season!


God is opening my eyes more and more each day concerning the enrichment of your future! This is a remarkable season of elevation for you when you make your future an emergency! There is healing in both your physical body and your finances because the Lord says that you are coming out of the land of not enough! 


It’s only the enemy who wants you to remain in the land of not enough, where sickness, exhaustion, and lack run rampant throughout your experience. However, the Holy Spirit is creating a sound like an emergency vehicle that will bring enrichment to your entire household.  The Lord says, “No weapon from the enemy’s arsenal shall have victory over you!” Get ready because you’re coming out of the land of not enough. 


Don’t you dare waste another day looking at what shows up in your neighbor’s driveway or your neighbor’s household. The Lord says November will be a month of enrichment, elevation and testimonies. The atmosphere is pregnant with miracles because your Divinity reveals your true identity, which is abundance! Declare right now, “I AM ABUNDANT!”


The Lord says a fresh breeze is blowing in your direction because your true identity is about to lead you into an atmosphere of abundance! You can no longer be associated with “not enough.” 


Take a deep breath, breathe in and breathe out. Exhale because God is crafting your abundance through your Divinity! There’s going to be:

  • New thoughts for money-making ideas!
  • New people visiting your life for massive growth and expansion!
  • New places that will speak boldly to the Divinity inside of you!

Your divinity will reveal your true identity which is abundance!

The Lord says,


“You’re coming out of the land of not enough!


You’re coming out of the land of not enough!


You’re coming out of the land of not enough!


What you have been dealing with over the last four months concerning your health and finances has been, at times, overwhelming. Yet what the enemy never factored into the equation was your resolve to trust the process and believe God. Your true identity is about to reveal your abundance as you walk in your Divinity.”


Your days of running on fumes and not seeing enough money in your account are over! There is a vision of you walking in wealth and prosperity. 


More than enough will be your testimony!

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