You Build Your Story

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June 29, 2018

You Build Your Story

Builders are skilled in planning and constructing high and mid-rise buildings, bridges, and roads. They are equipped with the proper training needed to pass the standards of building codes. Builders are keen to details because their license will be at stake when their works don’t meet the set standards.

Builders are not limited to only those in the construction firm or sites making you competent to be a builder too. You are inevitably the builder of your own story. No one else will be responsible for building a constructive story.

Leaders and visionaries can be called “builders” of their generation. When you look at the leaders of yesterday and today, they are builders of sorts. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are examples of those leaders who planned, execute, and made a huge impact during their time. Similarly, you can be one. You can be the builder of your own life.

How can you be a “builder” in your own story? Definitely, you need to have a vision. Vision is the key in seeing a future for your context. Anything exceptional that you wish to attain starts with having a vision. Hope exudes when you have a vision and you can easily overcome the struggles that will block your way. Avoid having a limited vision for it can cowardly pull you off your desired path.

Lack of vision is caused by two things: past failures and past successes. Sometimes, it’s the pain of previous failures that halts our progress. You must keep in mind that these failures lead you to good experiences. Other times, we are blinded complacency with the past successes that we had. Stop with these thoughts. People who dared to go beyond their present circumstances build a more constructive identity. Elevating your vision will make your stories work for you.


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