The history of Prophecy
April 12, 2023

The History of Prophecy

Prophecy is the practice of receiving messages or insights from a divine or supernatural source. It has been an important part of human history and is recognized by many cultures worldwide. Prophets are revered as important figures who can offer guidance, wisdom, and even predictions about the future. The tradition of prophecy has its roots […]

  • Stop Worrying and Stand on the Promises of God

    Stop Worrying and Stand on the Promises of God

    I hear the Spirit of the Lord whispering to His people, “Stop worrying about the things you cannot control.”  Many unfortunate things have been happening in our nation and in different parts ...

    29 June, 2020
  • The enemy brings confusion

    The Enemy Is a Master at Playing Mind Games

    Did you know that the enemy is very clever at using your ego to edge God out of your life?  The truth is, the enemy will convince you that right is wrong and wrong is right. He is the master of p...

    25 May, 2020

    Today, I heard the word of the Lord say "Don't Entertain Negativity". We are living in a day where we have so much negativity that is around our lives. We put up so much trauma, heartache, pain, di...

    31 January, 2020
  • Amplify your power and wealth and it will be magnified

      Do you understand that a few people accept they need to make a solid effort to have cash? In all honesty, these individuals get down to business consistently, buckle down, and find that t...

    23 January, 2020

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